Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Dear Time and Energy,

Both of you are funny things.  In order to get more of you apparently I first have to expend a good deal of you. At least that’s what the experts in all those women’s magazines tell me. With you Time, I’m supposed to carve out some of you to sit down to make a plan.  I need to make time to organize my time. Once I do that, I will have more of you to do what I please.  And you Energy, by getting up and moving around, I’m supposed to feel better, thus creating more of you.

Unfortunately in order to lose a few…ok a lot, of extra pounds I need both of you at the same time. As a working mother of a 3 month old boy, neither of you are a part of my life.  Or, on rare occasions, I might have one of you, but not the other.

For instance Time, when I have a little extra of you it’s because I used up all of Energy to get there. I’ve spent you frantically doing the dishes, changing diapers, folding laundry, answering work emails, calling my family, making dinner and fighting Max to get him to nap.  And when the stars align and all of those things have been half-assedly completed, Energy is no where to be find.  All I want to do with you, Time, is curl up on the couch with my laptop or one of the aforementioned women’s magazines.  I don’t want to spend you lifting weights and spinning on the bike.

And Energy, you are even more fleeting.  The best form of you comes when I do that weight lifting and bike riding. You know, the way that will also help me drop some poundage. However these days I prefer you in drinkable form, namely very strong coffee. Before Max, I had lots of energy.  I did lots of exercise. I was a regular at not one, but two gyms. I also was able to replenish you by sleeping eight hours or more every night.  Sleep however is no longer a part of my life. I don’t expect to get a full nights sleep for another 18 years. So that’s just another thing that zaps you right up, Energy.

So, Time and Energy, I have a request.  Lets work together, m’kay?  I don’t like these extra pounds and I don’t like not having you two together at the same time. So let’s work together. If you guys could look at your calendar and pick a few days a week where you can combine forces let me know.  I’ll look at my calendar and together we can start working as a team. 

I look forward to working with you again,

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Stef said...

Aint that the truth! Time and Energy seemed to be robbed by the little ones running around my house. I have always said that a mom should get one extra hour added to her day for each child. Sigh...oh well.

Katie said...

i want to lose poundage....

Amber Page Writes said...

Pssst: my daughter's 14 months, and we're finally getting sleep pretty regularly. Not eight hours, but definitely a full night. It'll get better!

The time thing? Not so much. If you figure that out, let me know.

Dumb Mom said...

Time and energy can be blamed for a lot of things I suck at. Along with motivation, TV, and my kids. Those things get in my way too:)

Unknown said...

Isn't coffee a form of energy? I think I remember that from chemistry class. I'd go look it up but I don't have time.

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