Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Full Week- the Pro's and Con's.

 Getting lunch from Great Gram

It’s been a week since I stopped nursing Max and the change has brought many pro’s and cons.

Pro: The convenience- I’m not planning trips based on when I need to get home to pump or if there is private place to nurse available.
Con: The bottle washing.  We have a dozen Dr. Brown’s bottles and they are a huge pain to wash. I know we could get bottles with fewer parts but the Dr. Brown’s were free from a friend and I’m cheap.

Pro: I can have a second glass of wine.
Con:  Ummm…I can’t find a con in that situation. 

Pro: I now have a larger choice in bra’s I can wear.
Con: the fit of the pre-pregnancy bra’s remind me I need to get back to the gym.

Pro: I can enjoy dairy products again.
Con: the fit of my pre-pregnancy pants reminds me I need to eat them in extreme moderation.

Pro: I’m not constantly leaving my desk to pump, looking like a slacking employee.
Con: Those 30 minute pumping breaks were a valid excuse for a desperately needed break

Pro: Less dirty diapers in a day
Con: When there is a dirty one it’s significantly more disgusting.

Pro: Brett can take all of the nighttime feedings. (We switch off each night)
Con: The guilt of feeling like I didn’t try hard enough keeps me up at night.

I’m hoping that if we ever have another child (which is something I can’t quite fathom right now) I will be better prepared to make nursing work. For now, it is what it is and I’m learning not to fret about it. Max is happy and fed and that's all that matters. Now, excuse me, I have 100 million bottle pieces to wash.

Even when using the dishwasher, bottle cleaning sucks.

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