Sunday, August 29, 2010

Church Distraction

When Max was born I knew my ability to concentrate during mass was going to be limited.  I expected to be contemplating his cuteness during the homily or taking him outside to calm crying during the first reading.  What I didn't expect is how he would also distract the rest of the congregation.

Don't misunderstand.  Max is simply brilliant during church.  Maybe every 5th week one of us will have to run outside to calm a fit of loud fussiness but most of the time he's quiet and smiling throughout mass.  And that's the problem.

He's too darn cute!

Everyone who sits next to us or behind us is too busy smiling and making faces at Max to pay attention to what our priest is saying. Yesterday during the second reading I could hear the woman behind me softly cooing "Hey big eyes.  You are just too adorable". I feel bad but it's obvious that no one is annoyed by my precious son.

I felt especially bad for our priest at the mass before Max's baptism.  We sat in the front row.  Would you have been able to pay attention to a homily designed to save your soul with this little guy smiling at you?

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