Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to the greatest husband ever.

Here are just 5 of less obvious reasons I love him. I mean, everyone says their hubs is kind, sweet, romantic, great father, blah blah blah.  Brett is all of those things too.  However, those reasons are boring.  I love Brett because he is anything but boring. 

5) He's crazy smart.  Like read Steven Hawking in his teens, smart. Designs robots for fun, smart. Makes airplanes fly for a living, smart.  Points out when the science talk on Big Bang Theory is wrong, smart.  Dying to vacation at the Large Hadron Collider, smart.  Explains to me why the world won't get sucked into a black hole of said collider works, smart.

4) He can fix everything.  From car window motors, to hair dryers to bike chains, the man has a serious knack.  I mean, just our internet rig up alone would stump most corporate IT guys. 

3) He makes THE BEST steak ever.  It's better than anything I've had at a top of the line steak house.  Plus, he doesn't snub me when I then coat the delicious hunk o' beef in A1 sauce.

2) He supports my blogging.  Some people complain that their husbands bitch about them being on the computer too much.  Not mine!  He understands it's a sanity outlet and always stops what he's doing to help me re-phrase a sentence, think of a good word or listen to a post.

1) He wears suspenders with suits. Seriously awesome.

Happy Birthday Brett!  I love you. We got together like cocaine and waffles*.

*10,000 awesome points to anyone who gets that delete scene reference

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