Thursday, October 7, 2010

If I Had 24 Hours...A Terrible Poem

If I had 24 hours
Where time came to stop
Would I work my butt off
And try to accomplish a lot?

If the baby wasn’t an issue
And my husband wasn’t around
Would I finally get to gym
To lose those extra pounds?

Would I pull the weeds in the flowerbed
The ones that come to my knees?
Or maybe use the mirror
And fix my eyebrows needing a tweeze

Perhaps I’d tackle the laundry
And the dirty dishes that never go away
Then I’d upload and print off the baby pictures
So it’s done before his first birthday

Would I accomplish all this
If I had a day to stop time?
“Hell no” I say to productivity
My to-do list I would not climb

Instead I’d drink a bottle of Shiraz
And take a very long nap
Then I’d catch up my Google Reader
With my computer on my lap.

I’d stand in the shower for hours
Until the hot water runs out
And never would I be bothered
By a small child’s piercing shout

Those 24 hours would be blissful
I’d truly enjoy the day
But by the end I’d miss my family
And I’d un-stop time so they could play.

Mama's Losin' It
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