Thursday, October 14, 2010

Karma-Air Travel Style

I took a very deep breath as moved my courser over the “purchase” button on the United Airlines website.  I paused, took one more deep breath and clicked.

Sweet Home Chicago, here we come!

The pause was for two reasons.  One, we waited too long to get tickets and ended up shelling out a ridiculous amount of money. Two, we’ll be taking a baby on a plane finally granting karma the opportunity to bite me in the ass.

As a single, childless woman I would get easily annoyed at the screaming child on my flight. I’ve rolled my eyes at their parents and huffed and puffed like an entitled witch. I never put myself in their shoes.  I was *that* person parents complain about. If Max screams bloody murder through the whole flight it’s totally karma.  And I deserve it.

We’ve minimized potential pitfalls. We shelled out the extra dollars for a non-stop flight.  We’re flying after peak travel days/times. We picked morning flights as that’s when Max seems to be happiest. I wish we could have afforded to get him his own seat since he sleeps in his car seat like a champ, but I’d like to pay off my credit card before I die.

I’m also worried about trying to pack light.  We filled the car on our trip to Asheville. How the heck am I supposed to get everything in one checked bag and two carry-on’s? My extended family is able to provide larger items like car seats, strollers and pack n plays. Borrowed hand-me-downs are a perk of having two dozen cousins.  I also have an embarrassingly long shopping list for my mom so I don’t have to worry about formula, food and diapers.  And what about warm clothes?  It’s still 80 degrees here.  There isn’t a snowballs chance in Savannah that I’ll find a snow suit or thermal underwear. Bless you internet.

Despite the logistical nightmare, I’m excited.  Max is finally getting to meet 478392 (low ball estimate) new relatives.  My immediately family will all be in the same place for the first time in 2 years. I get to see several high school friends and their babies (I’m looking at you KTKC).  Brett gets to eat an authentic Chicago Style hot dog.  Everyone one wins.

Except the people on our flights.  They’re probably in for a long flight.

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