Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blogging Issues: I'm In Over My Head.

So I took the plunge and became a "real blogger" by buying my domain name.  Unfortunately, in the process of the re-direct it looks like my comment and some of my widgets got messed up.  The re-direct could take up to 3 days (I did it through blogger/google) so I'm not going to go fussing with things yet.

However, one of the things that messed up is again, Intense Debate, my commenting system. I've had some amazing, supportive, inspiring comments over the past few months and I hate to lose them if I decide to give ID the boot. At the same time, several people have contacted me saying they can't comment at all.  Now, with this re-direct, it looks like all of my comments have gone missing. I'm ready to just give up and go back to boring old blogger commenting system even if it means losing old comments and looking like 100 plus posts were read only by me.

If anyone has any thoughts of suggestions please feel free to email me at

The whole thing just makes me sad. Aren't comments the life blood of bloggers?

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