Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Brief Version of Us

First there were the emails.*

Then a phone call, which after an hour turned into lunch. 

Before lunch arrived at our table he has asked me out on a date. I said yes.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I stressed over what to wear.  I was meeting him directly after work and needed something work appropriate yet first date adorable. I went with a grey skirt and black knee high boots. They were great boots.

At dinner he had prime rib and I had a steak salad…with extra bleu cheese.  I love me some moldy cheese.  Following dinner we went to see Harry Potter. During the movie he grabbed my hand.  I felt like I was in high school again…and I loved it.

After the movie we chatted in the parking lot, wanting to prolong the nice evening.  But it was late and he had an early morning flight while I had one more day of work because going back to Chicago for the holiday. We said our goodbyes and he leaned in for the kiss.  He was going for the cheek while I assumed he was going for the lips. As I walked back to my car after the first awkward kiss, I tripped over those fabulous boots.

A week later, both back in Savannah , we met for burgers.  The meal ended too quickly so I joined him on an errand at the Lowes across the parking lot. We held hands as he picked out hypoallergenic air filters. Then another parking lot kiss…or three. As I drove home a nagging thought kept running through my head.  “Uh oh.  This is going to be HUGE”.  I attempted to ignore those thoughts.  We had not even had the DTR (determine the relationship) conversation.

Three days later I drove to his house after work.  Actually, it was 5 years ago today!. He made me steak and baked potatoes topped with shredded Velveeta.  He pulled a bottle of red wine out of the fridge. As a foodie and red wine lover, I didn’t even grimace.  I liked him too much. Then we had the conversation.

Him: So are you seeing anyone else?

Me: No.  Are you?

Him:  No. Wanna keep it that way?

Me: Sure.    

Five years later we have rings on our left hand and a child with his eyes and my nose is currently sleeping in a room that once held a drum kit and piano.

Those early days are some of my favorite memories.  I wouldn't mind living them again and again. 

*Of course we met online.  We’re nerds.  How else do nerds meet?

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Unknown said...

No intense debate is making my comment go away! This has still been the best 5 years ever! Love you babe!

jamiebartley said...

That is such an awesome story. Reminds me of my husband and I's unusual story. I think I will write about it on my blog. Thanks for the Idea.

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