Monday, February 14, 2011

Even Darth Vader Deserves Some Love

I’m not really big into Valentine’s Day.  While I’ve had the best Valentine ever since 2006, 25 years of previous bitterness takes some time to get over.  Brett and I never do much to celebrate since it’s basically a Hallmark holiday anyway, but we at least acknowledge it’s existence by getting Chinese take-out and eating it directly out of the container.  Even though we say we don’t do gifts, Brett and I usually end up finding a small, silly, trinket to give to each other.  This year I got him a heart shape cookie cake, which is already 90% consumed (with my help) and he got me this bit of awesomeness:

Aren't nerds in love cute?

The best gift of all came from our little Valentine: An entire night of sleep without even the slightest whimper.  After 2 weeks of illness and schedule craziness, Brett and I couldn’t ask for a better gift!

Whether you celebrate with flair, or dress in black to protest, I hope you day is fantastic.

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Dani G said...

Happy valentine's day to you two nerds and that sweet little baby!!

Lynn said...

I full night's sleep is the greatest gift for any occasion. You look awesome!

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