Thursday, June 20, 2013

Five Realistic Tips for Moving (aka- Just Drink Your Way Through It).

 So I’m here.  Here being Cincinnati, Ohio.   Cincinnati proper, too.  Not like when I lived in Pooler and told people I was from Savannah.  Or like telling people I grew up in Chicago when actually it was the 'burbs.  I’m overly excited to actually be within the limit of a city most people know.  It’s the little things.

I had dreams of blogging about the house search, the movers, the cross country drive and the unpacking.  HA! While the last month has been exciting it has also been incredibly stressful. Now that the process is mostly complete I’m slowly starting to settle in.
The move out of our old home.

I wish I could be one of those has-it-all-together-bloggers who shares tips on how to effortlessly move across country with grace and style.  However, this experience has taught me those bloggers are obviously lying. No one can get through this type of move without breaking down into a hysterical weeping mess at least once.  If someone says that they didn’t feel a deep sense of hopelessness as they stared at the thousand of boxes waiting to be unpacked so they stopped working and instead drank half a bottle of wine from a red solo cup, they are lying.

How do we have so much damn kitchen stuff?
That being said, I did learn some things people might find useful should they attempt any sort of move, be it cross country or across the street.

1) Have whatever takes you to your "Happy Place" on hand at all time.  Mine was wine.  Yours could be a chapter from Fifty Shades of Grey.  Or a One Direction song.  I don’t judge. Either way, keep it nearby.  You’ll need it. Frequently.

2)  Give up any hope of losing or maintaining weight. I was living at friends, family or hotels for 3 weeks which meant all kinds of take-out.  Even the salads were unhealthy…not that I ordered one. As a stress eater, I usually skipped the salad and hit up the bacon cheeseburger.  

Since we didn't know of any bacon cheeseburger delivery services in Cincy, our first meal in the house was pizza. 
3) If your movers are also packing your stuff, pre-pack the important stuff. This one is serious.  We had a great relocation plan from my husbands new job and our movers also packed most of our stuff. I knew to pack important files, but I didn’t think about the important knick-knacks.  It’s like our movers knew what had monetary value and what didn’t, as they didn’t have to pay for the sentimental stuff that broke. Our two Waterford champagne flutes arrived unscathed. Our wedding cake topper- figurines in our Wii likeness created by my talented sister in law- did not fare the same fate.  

4) Speaking of movers, speak up if they suck. We had terrible movers getting us out of our Savannah house. They were rude, discussed a mutual friends crack use in my presence and were glacially slow. So I let the customer service rep know I was unhappy and uncomfortable. Now I’m besties with the VP of the moving company and have a few extra dollars of “inconvenience money” (aka, please don’t complain about us on Yelp). Also, they sent the best of the best to move us into our new place.
      4b) If you are super uncomfortable, have your friend with a conceal-carry permit come over. Then eat all the onion rings she brought for herself. Thanks ML!

5) Make sure to have toilet paper and soap on hand when you walk into your new house. Enough said.

So now the move is over. 90% of stuff is unpacked and we only have one room to rearrange and a few pictures to hang.  We love our rental and we are obsessed with our neighborhood (more on that later). I’ve already connected with a mom’s group and I’m slowly starting to make a life here.

Let the new adventure begin.
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Unknown said...

No problem. Anytime.... we miss you guys. Glad you are starting together settle.

Fluffy Green Earth said...

We're on our 6th move in 8 years- now with six people. We've never had movers, so we didn't have to deal with worrying about that...but we do also go through a LOT of wine! I feel like I could write a book about moving...but you've got the basics here! How you found the time to blog about it-impressive!!!

Unknown said...

What a wonderfully entertaining and well written story! Keep up the blogging! I look forward to the next entry!

Alison said...

At least it looks like the cake topper could easily be glued back together. And since you know the creator of it I'm sure you could get a new one if needed :)

Alison said...

At least it looks like the cake topper could easily be glued back together. And since you know the creator of it I'm sure you could get a new one if needed :)

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