Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Menu Monday- on a Tuesday!

First, I’m fully aware it’s not Monday.  I’ve been planning to write this for awhile but Brett and I just discovered Downtown Abbey. There will be limited productivity and sleep until we stream all three seasons. I JUST WANT BATES AND ANNA TO BE HAPPY, DAMMIT.


Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system-

I secretly want to be a food blogger.  I love food.  I like to eat it. I like to cook it. I like to read about it. I like to find new ways to turn it into beauty products.

I could turn this bad boy into a great hair mask!

However, being a food blogger looks like it takes way more effort than I’m willing to put forth.  Testing recipes multiple times to make sure they are perfect seems monotonous. I absolutely cannot be bothered to measure out spices for readers either. My measuring system for spices is usually tossing some into my hand and going “Eh, that looks like a teaspoon” and hoping it works out. (It usually does).

Precision is for wimps
Oh, and I just don’t have the patience (or skill) to properly plate and light the food so it looks like it just came from a gourmet kitchen. If I’ve spent all that time making it, I want to plop it on a plate and eat that bad boy. I’m always impressed by people who can make food photography look good without the help of Instagram.

Still, I adore perusing food blogs for hours on end, looking for delicious meals to serve my family and friends. I want to share every delicious recipe I find. I don’t believe in “secret” recipes as I think cooking and eating should be a communal experience. Why would I keep an amazing experience to myself?

Hence, my new Monday post- Menu Mondays.  It’s not a new idea. Every mom with blog does this and frankly, I love it. In fact, when I first started blogging, my Friday Foodstuffs posts were often the most popular. Sharing weekly menus is a great way to pull out of a Taco Tuesday rut.  Not that I could be in a taco rut. Tacos are awesome.

The only thing I love more than regular tacos are tacos with a Dorito shell.

I’ll post my meal plan for the week with links to the recipes or name the cookbook where it came from. I’ll also share what was the best and what I wouldn’t necessarily recommend again. If I come across any other food finds or revelations, I’ll share them as well. Here’s what Team Pip (yeah, we call our family Team Pip. Don’t hate) is eating this week:

Wed:  Grilled  Balsamic London Broil**, Steamed Broccoli
Friday-Sunday- We are on the road for a wedding. No cooking. Lots of take out.

*I try to do at least one vegetarian/vegan dish a week. It’s usually on Mondays solely because I enjoy alliteration.

**The recipe calls for flank steak I'm using London Broil because it was on sale for dirt cheap. Ill just adjust the cooking times.

While I didn’t post a meal plan last week I will share that the best meal, hands down, was my husbands homemade pasta and meatballs. A few years ago Brett bought me a noodle making attachment for my mixer. I’ve used it once but he has fallen in love with the art of homemade pasta.  So, he cooks the meal and I get to eat fresh pasta? Best. Gift. Ever. 

I'd love to hear if anyone tries any of these recipes and if they had success. 

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