Saturday, September 7, 2013

Slimming Saturday-I Got a New Gadget

I did much much much better than last week.  I lost a pound! Woohooo.  I finally buckled down and started tracking my food.  As much as I hate doing it, it obviously it makes a difference.

Even better, I got a new toy!

 Meet my new Fitbit Flex.  A Fitbit is basically pedometer on steroids. It tracks your steps/movement and calculates that data into miles traveled and total calories burned. It also keeps track of your active minutes so you can see how lazy you’ve been during the day.  It even tracks your sleep patterns! I’m not exactly sure how it works though my guess would be through magic.   It’s not an exact science but I did a lot of research about the various types of activity trackers (Like Jawbone and Nike Fuel Band) and Fitbit was usually one of the most accurate. 

 There are several types of Fitbit trackers and I went with the Flex, which you wear around your wrist.  It’s water resistant so you can wear it in the shower though you can’t take it in the pool or bath. Basically I wear it 24/7. It’s easier than a pedometer or even the Fitbit One, because I can just leave it on my wrist and not think about it. I’m very absent-minded and other than inserting a microchip under my skin, this is about the only way I would remember to keep it on my person.

 The best part about the Fitbit is the Dashboard that syncs wirelessly to your computer or through an app on your smartphone, via Bluetooth. The dashboard shows you everything.- steps taken, calories burned, miles traveled ect. You can even track your food intake or add exercises that the Fitbit might not have picked up (like swimming or stationary biking).  What I really love is that it syncs with many other online food/fitness trackers.  I ‘ve been using My Fitness Pal (off and on) for over a year and many of my favorite meals and recipes are already stored in their database. I can continue to track using MFP and it automatically syncs with Fitbit. If you base your calorie intake around your activity (i.e.-you can eat more if you burn more) there is some disconnect between MFP and Fitbit. I just stick with MFP numbers because it’s worked in the past.

 Finally, I love that you can connect with your friends who also use Fitbit.  Fitbit ranks you against your friends list in terms of number of steps taken. Since I’m inherently competitive, it’s a great motivator, especially since my baby sister also uses the product.  Nice people can cheer on their friends. Assholes like me can taunt their sister.  YOU ARE GOING DOWN EMILY.

I’ve only had my Fitbit Flex for three days, so I can’t give a definitive opinion on it.  My initial impression is very positive and since I like visual reinforcement, I really feel it will help me. Like any gadget, it’s ultimately up to me do the work. I have to get up and take the steps. I have to check the dashboard. I have to stop shoving cake down my gullet.  I have to kick my sister’s ass.
 I’ll give an updated review in a month to see if the novelty has warn off.

 Last Weeks Goals
4)   Take measurements. Maybe I’m losing inches but not lbs.-Fail.  I just keep forgetting  about it.

1)   Track ALL FOOD 4 out of 7 days.-Done
2)   Take all vitamins and probiotics 6 of 7 days.-Fail. I keep forgetting my probiotics and    fish oil. I’ve been good with the vitamins…. probably because they are gummy bears
3)   Spend 30 minutes each day on Spark People-Done

 Next Week’s GoalAll of the above and add:
5) Hit 10,000 steps a day 5 out of 7 days.

 Weight ChangeChange from last week: -1.0
Total pounds lost: 1.0

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