Monday, October 7, 2013

Menu Monday

Frankly, I’m a little embarrassed to post what we are eating this week.  We traveled over the weekend and we are traveling again at the end of this week. (Just me and Brett. No kid! Woohoo!). In between, I have a meeting, a girls dinner and parent teacher conferences.  Therefore, dinner this week is primarily what is left in the fridge and freezer.

Last week wasn’t much better but I did get two get recipes out of it. The Asian Inspired Salmon burgers were yummy. Despite the warning in the recipe notes, I processed all the ingredients together in the food processor and unlike the author I didn’t have any problem with the texture of the burgers.  In fact, I found they held together really well when cooking.  Normally, any time I make any sort of non-traditional burger, I find the patties crumble easily.

If all you have time to do is open some cans and dump them in the food processor, the Skinny Taco Chili is perfect. It took me more times to open the cans (I have a crappy can opener) than to do any other part.  Also, this recipe makes a ton and freezes well.  

I won’t make the Baslamic Crockpot Chicken.  It was flavorless and really watery. 

Finally, I didn’t get around to making the crockpot apple crumble but it’s on my list in the near future.  It looks too amazing to skip!

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday: Giordano’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza (sent to us from our good friend Katie!!)
Tuesday: Roast Beef Sandwiches (Leftover), Crash Hot Sweetpotatoes
Wednesday: Steak Salad, Jim and Nick’s Cheesy Biscuits

Hopefully next week I can actually start cooking again!

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