Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Start.

This is Max.
He’s 9 weeks old and he’s changed the world. Well, my world at least.  Before Max arrived I thought I knew everything.  I knew being a parent was going to be hard but I had NO IDEA how hard. 

I had it all figured out starting with birth.  I did the studies and I was going to have the drug free, midwife assisted, birth center, water birth without intervention and because I had prepared myself and my body, it was going to be relatively easy. For 9 months, I strutted around the hospital where I worked, proclaiming I was NOT going to have my baby there.

Humility lesson #1 began 18 hours into labor when my saintly midwife decided I needed Pitocin to jumpstart a stalled labor. Pitocin= hospital transfer.  An additional 16 hours later, I was holding a 10lb, 4 oz Max in the hospital where I worked. The hospital I wasn't going to need. And the drug free birth?  While I managed to avoid the epidural, I happily accepted a bit of nubain around hour 20.  You know, to take the edge off. 

So that was the beginning of a journey that hasn’t gone the way I expected.  I quickly learned I didn’t know a damn thing and I was not the baby expert I thought I was.  I thought I was prepared because I read all the books, but as my also saintly husband proclaimed by Max’s second day on earth, “Apparently, Max didn’t read the books”. 

So here I am, sharing the story as it unfolds.  Mostly so when Max grows up, he has something to show to his therapist. 


Katie said...

LOL! So he has something to show his therapist... you kill me Laura!

Kirsten Oliphant said...

Okay, so as I'm reading back, this is all SO familiar! I flunked out of two home births--the first ended up being vaginal in the hospital (with epidural, episiotomy and the whole 9 yards I didn't want) and the second an emergency c-section. Sigh. Good thing the key to both my birth plans was flexibility. And we have happy, healthy babies! I also found myself at like day 10, trying to figure out why my baby would not latch on and would only scream and cry. Breastfeeding was no picnic, and I doubted everything. This second time around, having the confidence to know that I did it once took away all those worries and fears and made it much easier! Glad your LC helped you gain that confidence.

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