Sunday, June 13, 2010


The suitcase sits open in the corner, only half unpacked from the last trip.

"Do you have your cell phone charger?" I ask.  "Kindle?  Text book?  Dress shoes?  Toothpaste?  I'm going to Kroger. Is there anything you need?"

Brett is leaving today for a week in New York City.  Sigh.  The trip has been planned since before Max was conceived.  He has to go. It's a requirement for his MBA program.

We aren't a super clingy couple.  We've been apart plenty of times before.  This is nothing new, even with Max here.  Three weeks ago Brett took an emergency trip to France for work.  It stunk but Max and I made it through and even bonded while his Daddy was gone.  New York shouldn't be hard.  At least on this trip we can text message, picture message and call during regular hours.  We couldn't do that during the France trip.

Plus, this time I have help. My mother-in-law, Saint Renee the Patient, is here to help out.  On Tuesday my maternity leave is over and I go back to work.  I'm only going back part time and my decision to go back is another post for another time. Still, while Renee is here, she can watch Max so I can focus on getting back to work without having to worry about getting Max to day care. That misery comes next week.

Even with someone to help, it's not the same.  The bed is a little colder.  The house is locked up extra tight. The bag on potato chips will last a few more days.  There is no shoulder to curl up to when I have a bad dream. By Wednesday, when my Father in Law joins us, the house will be full, yet to me it feels empty.

Have fun, Babe!  Enjoy your Times Square hotel and visits with our friends and family.  Don't worry- you won't miss out on those late night wakings.  I'll be sure to call you when Max wakes to eat at 4 AM.



teresa said...

So glad Renee is there, but call or text if you need ANYTHING!

Katie said...

i think we are living parallel lives. My mom is coming this week to watch Brendan when I go back to work... he starts day care NEXT week... this is getting a bit creepy.

Jessica said...

I get to see Brett on Wed!!!

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