Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daddy's Day!

Please welcome guest blogger and husband extraordinaire Brett to The Things I Said I'd Never Do! This is the first of what I am sure will be many posts from St. Brett the Awesome giving his take on raising Max.  

Greetings Blogosphere!  I recently asked St. Laura the Tolerant (it might not seem like much of a nickname, but you should see the shit she tolerates from me) if I could do a guest post on her blog, and she was nice enough to say yes!  So get ready for lots of ramblings about Max from his Daddy’s perspective.

Thanks to our crazy work schedules Laura and I didn’t get to share a vacation day this 4th.  My vacation day was on Thursday, and hers was on Monday.  I’m going for my masters degree right now and Laura offered to take Max to daycare so I could work on my homework.  “Don’t be silly!” I said.  “I can take care of the little man!”  Around the 1:00 AM feeding before the big day it hit me.  I’ve never done this before!  Now I consider myself a pretty involved dad, and I like to think I’m the rule rather than the exception, but at that point I realized that I’ve never spent an entire day alone with my son.  I spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling with eyes as big as Maxwell’s.

Now ladies, I have ENORMOUS respect for what moms go through, both in labor and taking care of little ones, and I’ve never met another dad that doesn’t agree.  Laura was an absolute champ during a very long labor, and even though she was recovering herself she gave everything she had to our brand new little boy.  It was a big change for both of us and I did everything I could to help her and to take care of Max, but two weeks later I was back to work and what amounted to a 10 hour vacation four days a week!  We’re a pretty modern family, but we very quickly fell into pretty traditional roles.  Laura keeps Max alive while I try to make some money and beat potential kidnappers to within an inch of their lives with a baseball bat (Seriously.  Guys think about this kind of thing a lot.  I even have a special hiding place set up for Laura and Max while I get my Ninja on).

By the time Laura came home that evening I’m happy to report that Max was alive and happy and other than a huge pile of soiled laundry the house was in pretty good order!  We even made it down to have lunch with Mommy and Max got his first trip to Radio Shack!  Apparently soldering irons are hilarious!  We had a great day, but it was EXHAUSTING!  To you stay at home moms out there, my hat’s off to you.  To you stay at home dads out there, way to go.  It’s a constant balancing act for us modern dads.  We’ve got to work hard to support our family, but we don’t want to miss our little ones’ babyhood.  To all those out there making it work, congratulations!  With the help of St. Laura the Tolerant I think we’re doing a pretty good job.


Dani G said...

I see where he gets his nickname from. Definitely something all dads should do at least once.... a week :)

teresa said...

this was so much fun to read! Max is so fortunate to have yall and will cherish this one day!!

Katie said...

i can tell from your writing that you two are just perfect together :-)

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