Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Random Ramblings

1) I would classify our first purchase from the Savannah Food Co-op as successful.  The eggs we got are unbelievable and so much better compared to grocery store eggs.  Our CSA mixed box had impressive variety. We got gorgeous oranges, apples and plums for snacking and bananas for bread (since neither of us like raw ones). I've already made a stellar salsa with the Roma tomatoes and Vidalia onions and I used one of the lemons in a chimichurri.  This week we'll be making fries with the Yukon gold potatoes and I have a recipe in mind for the head of cabbage. Brett made me a tasty salad for lunch today using the tender green lettuce that I wish we got more of.  Next order we are going to try some of the grass fed meats along with the eggs and CSA box. As I ld learn to use my resources more wisely, I see some large orders in the future.

2) It's less than 100 degrees in Savannah this weekend. Nights have had record low temperatures! We took 2 family walks without melting!  It's an Independence Day miracle!! Speaking of the 4th, please don't blow you yourself this holiday weekend! Practice safe illegal fireworks displays!

3) When Brett and I received a battery powered nasal aspirator (or zombie bwainsucker, as we call it) for a gift, I thought it was another unnecessary and overpriced tool that we would never use.  Well, the experienced Mom who gave it to us knew better.  The thing is brilliant.  Max is on his second cold since birth and it's heartbreaking.  Seriously, if the kid could just blow his nose, all would be fine but since he can't the bwainsucker is the next best option.  When position changes and breast milk up the nose aren't enough to clear the crud, we break out the big guns and suck out the snot so the poor kid can breathe.  Plus, it seems to be far less traumatic for him than the bulb syringe. For those of you thinking it's just a waste of money, in my new mom opinion, it's worth spending the extra ching.

4) I have decided  to dive deeper into this blogging thing.  I'm researching designers to make the blog more eye catching and to better represent who I am. I've started participating in blogging communities and I'm devouring various how to's on blogging and social networking.  If anyone has any great communities or sites to share, please pass them along. Look for exciting changes over the next few months.

5) I really really really want to win the Spa Bleu giveaway from the The Wedding Studios of Savannah and Charleston.  Several friends have raved about Spa Bleu and if Teresa allowed them to be part of the The Studio than they must be stellar.  Check out the giveaway here.


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So glad to hear the aspirator is worth it! I have thought over and over about getting one. LJ screams everytime he sees the bulb, thrashing about to the point that I can't get anything out.

So excited you are diving in to blogging, I just did too! I redid my own blog design, so I'd be happy to help you! I want to see if it is something that I can add to my business, but I obviously need some test dummies first. If you're willing to be a guinea pig, I am willing to re-do yours. Just let me know!

Jenny said...

How much did your veggie box cost? I've been wanting to do something like that around here but am wondering if I might save some buck if I just get off my behind and head the farmer's market.

Start reading if you want more info on blogging. She also has an eBook you can buy called Bloggertunity. Good luck! I'm excited for you.

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

@Nina @ Momma Go Round Shoot! I contacted a designer right before I posted! I wish I would have waited. If it doesn't work out, I promise I'll let you know! Thanks so much for the offer!

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...


Jenny- It was $34 for the box and it's $24 a year for Co-Op membership. If we had a better and more convenient farmer's market here I would probably do that instead so I could have more control over what I got. Price wise, this was cheaper than grocery store organic but more expensive than the one Farmer's Market I occasionally hit up.

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