Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Foodstuffs

Two months ago Brett and I joined the Savannah Food Co-Op. Every two weeks we pick pick up a veggie box filled with all sorts of goodies.  We also get the most amazing bacon ever from Thomson Farms and ridiculously tasty eggs from Life is Good Farms.  Both are local farmers that haven't sold out to the man.  

The veggie box always has a unique mix of items and it has significantly increased the variety at dinner time. I love to cook and I'm pretty proud of the eclectic recipes I've found that utilize all of the box and any leftovers we might have in the fridge.  Since I know lots of other people are always looking for a new recipe, I thought I'd share my weekly menu each Friday.  In bloggy blog world, many people do this on Monday but my schedule makes meal planning and grocery shopping easier on Fridays. Plus, that leaves me the rest of the weekend to prep the weekday meals as much as possible.  Who wants to chop vegetables after a long workday?

Here's what were eating this week*:

Tonight:  Cinco De Nachos**
Saturday:  Date night.  A local sushi joint will be doing the work while Aunt Alison will be doing the babysitting.
Sunday: Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks, Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Balsamic and Rosemary.
Monday: White Fish with Parsley Sauce, Turnip Gratin
Tuesday:  Cheese-it Chicken (don't ask, it's horrible for you but so damn good) and Celery Root & Potato Mash
Wednesday: Italian Sausage with Penne and Cabbage
Thursday: Homemade Pesto and Chicken Pizza. 
Friday: Leftovers (leftovers are also are lunches for the week).

*Online recipes are shared.  Anything else is from memory/my head. I have 894302 cookbooks but I mostly use online recipes since I do meal planning at work I'm lazy.

**My husband makes THE BEST nachos and if we had no self control we'd eat them weekly.  So instead, we instituted "Cinco de Nachos" where we only have them on the 5th of the month.  Except yesterday he spent the evening rotting in the the Atlanta airport due to a canceled flight, so we pushed event back a day.

What will you be having for dinner this week?

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