Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It started yesterday. First was the itch, deep in my ear. Then a tickle in the back of my throat.  Next the pressure in my sinuses started to build.  Next things I knew, everything ached and my nose started to run. 


My germ monster son had passed his horrible cold on to me.  Ugh.

Within a few hours, I went from feeling fine to death warmed over.

I've gathered the troops.  Orange Juice.  Neti Pot.  Kiss my face cold and flu shower gel.  Organic tea. Lotioned Kleenex.   I was ready to face this cold head on, with all my natural remedies.  St. Brett the Awesome even took night duty for Max so I could get some restorative sleep.

Then at 2 AM when I woke up stuffy and miserable, I had a revelation. I'm not pregnant.  I'm not breastfeeding.  I CAN TAKE REAL DRUGS!!!  For the first time in over a year!!  Woohooo!  Bring it Sudafed. 

So, I'm still stuffy and miserable.  I look like everyone's favorite red nosed raindeer from constantly blowing my nose. But at least I'm well drugged. 

Being a sick mommy is the suck.

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