Monday, August 16, 2010

Tweet, Tweet

Another Warning: If you aren't all up in the ins and outs of social networking, you probably just want to skip over this post. 
I joined Twitter.

Yes, if everyone else jumped off I bridge I probably would too.

Ok, technically, this isn't my first foray into the Twitterverse.  (Really, did I just use the "word" twitterverse?) I signed up once before.  Before Max was a twinkle in my eye, I joined so I could see what all the fuss was about.  I didn't get it.  Too many @ and # and random acronyms that I just didn't get. It made me feel like a senior citizen.  "Those damn kids and their damn tweets.  Back in  my day we declared all our daily minutia through Facebook".
But now I'm all blogalicous and I see that Twitter is a required element if you want to maintain relevance in this blog-eat-blog world. Actually that's not true.  I have no desire to be hip. Nor do I have any illusions that one day I will be the next Pioneer Woman. I joined Twitter for two reasons. 

1) Disqus (a comment system for blogs) hates me.  Every time I tried to leave a comment as "guest" on Disqus enabled blog I would get an error. Unfortunately, the error was just called "error" and left me no instruction on how correct the problem.  I could, however, log in through Disqus via Twitter and all would be right with Disqus world.

2) I want to win shit.  Everyone and their mother seems to be having a fabulous giveaway.  However, many blogs give you multiple ways to win beyond just leaving a comment saying "Pick me! Pick me!".  One consistent way to get more opportunities is to tweet about the giveaway and/or follow the blogger on Twitter. I'm all about pimping myself out for some Target gift cards or Etsy shop gift certificates.

Also Andy Zaltzman of my favorite podcast ever- The Bugle- joined Twitter. He used to rip Twitter to shreds but even he caved to the pressure of the masses. If Andy could do it, so could I.

Do you Tweet?  Let me know and I'll follow you. Currently, I only follow Andy and Conan O'Brien.  Please Twitter Jedi's, please help me find my tweet destiny by following me.  I promise to tweet more than just "win free stuff"and "hey, read my blog".   Occasionally I will discuss the minutia of my daily life too.

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