Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Know You Married an Engineer When....

Yesterday after a reading a post from Adventures of a Wee Mason Man I realized "Holy Crap!  Max's pack-n-play bassinet has a weight limit....and he's way over it!".  Mom of the Year I am not. So Brett and I decided that it was a good time to move Max to his own room.   My bloodshot eyes, red nose, messy pony tail, yoga pants at noon and 37th cup of coffee are proof that both naps and bedtime were a fail of massive proportions. It's a story for another day but lets just say there were tears and screaming from both Max and me. 

Anywho, he finally went down (for a few hours) and Brett and I decided we too should head to bed. As I was finishing up an email Brett turned me and asked "Do you think we should put a camera in there so we can watch him?"

"Like, right now?"
  I replied.

He gave me the "Duh, obviously" look and disappeared into his evil lair office.

When you are married to a mechanical engineer you learn it's best not to ask silly questions like "Why?" and "How?".  You just accept things like a motorcycle engine in your living room and you aren't worried when he comes in from the garage making statements like "My pants just caught on fire".  In fact his mechanical mindedness comes in handy when your laptop screen cracks or your hair dryer stops working. 

Ten minutes later, Brett emerges from his lair and and sneaks into Max's room.  I pop my head in to see this contraption:

And this box:

Then we head upstairs with and with a flip of a few switches, we see Max slumbering away. Sure, the video quality is reminiscient of the Paris Hilton sex tape (not that I saw it) and when the camera is turned on the wireless internet dies but now when we hear a fuss we can flip a switch and see if Max is actually up or just squirming in his sleep. It doesn't require running down a flight of stairs or tripping over a nortiously underfoot cat in the dark.  

It's just one of the many perks of loving an engineer. A little bit of extra work to facilitate a significant amount of laziness.

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