Sunday, August 22, 2010


"Home is wherever I'm with you"

I've been thinking a lot about the concept home recently. Maybe it's because Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have popping up regularly on my playlist. Or because I'm homesick for a place I haven't really lived in for 12 years. Or maybe it's because my husband and I occasionally flirt with the idea of going somewhere new. I've been up at night trying to figure out "where is my home"?

Legally, home is, now it's the "Savannah area". That's where all my important papers say my home is located.  Drivers license, tax forms, etc, all have my Georgia address. Savannah is where I transitioned to adulthood.  I moved here as a broke, unemployed, single college grad with a roommate and am now a married mom with a mortgage payment, good job and the start of a retirement fund.  We have wonderful friends here. The type of friends you could call at 2AM with an emergency and be assured they would pick up the phone. We both have good, stable jobs where we were never in danger of getting laid off during the darkest days of the recession. I love it here and other than a concern about the educational system, I could see us living out our days here.

But home is also Sweet Home Chicago, where I was born and raised and where most of my family still lives.  During the holidays I still say "I'm going home for Christmas!". If given the opportunity I'd move back there in a second, despite the bitterly cold winters.  It would be worth it to be surrounded by Bear's fans, Italian Beef Sandwiches and my parents.  I miss living in a real city (or even the metro area) where if my favorite band goes on tour, there's a 99% chance they'll be playing in town.  I have a 6 year old nephew I've only seen a dozen times.  My parents, grandmother and aunts and uncles wouldn't miss out on watching Max grow up.  I come from a huge family and being a mom has made me desperately miss those big family gatherings held every weekend. Max won't get that opportunity growing up in Savannah.

I haven't been to Chicago in a year and half so I might be romanticizing it a bit.  Perhaps I should visit in January and then check back with my desire to move. Brrr.

What about Ohio?  Brett grew up in Akron and his parents still live there.  Nearby Cleveland is another "real city" with professional sports teams and outdoor concert venues.  Max would get to know his grandparents better and again, I love having family close. Plus, lots of free babysitting! That area is only 5 hours from Chicago which is much better than the current 18 hour drive we'd have to endure.

 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, in case you were wondering

Or, we could go somewhere completely new.  If Brett wants to stay in his current field, aerospace, options are limited. 

Seattle?  Kinda rainy which would be huge adjustment from perpetually sunny Savannah.

Witchita?  Uh. No.

Montreal? Too damn cold

D.C.-Ok, we could do that.

Southern California?  Not really my style.

Houston-Absolutely, but NASA isn't exactly hiring

The more I think about it, the more I can't directly place my home. Home could be so many things.  It might not even be a place. Those Magnetic Zeros might be on to something. Home is Brett.  Home is Max.  Home is wherever I'm with them.  

Where do you consider "home"?


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