Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday Foodstuffs...on Monday!

Ok, So I wrote this in Asheville but our hotel didn't have working wifi, so I had to let the blog lie dormant for longer than comfortable.  :-(  I am also WAY behind on my blog reader, but I will catch up eventually!

I’m starting to sounds like a broken record but we had another week of great eats!  I definitely accomplished my goal of making meals that were quick and easy (or at least could be made ahead of time).  This week was even crazier that I thought it would be and if I didn’t pre-plan we probably would have dropped money and gained pounds on take-out.

Eggplant Surprise was probably my favorite though instead of using ground turkey, I used ground spicy Italian sausage that I cooked and drained first.  It probably changed the whole feel of the dish, but the result was delightful!

The Bahamian Veggie Curry was a stupid choice for late summer in Savannah but it was still yummy. Luckily the recipe made a ton and I immediately froze half of it for when the air starts to cool.  The dish was time consuming due to all the peeling and chopping (I made on Sat, served on Mon) but if you have an older child learning to cook, this would be a good dish to help refine his or her knife skills. The recipe didn’t say how long to cook the final step, but I found that 25 minutes on medium was more than enough.  I did substitute the butternut squash with an additional sweet potato because my local Kroger only had mutantly large squash. They are out of season so I kind of expected a limited selection.

The Five Spice Tilapia was incredibly easy and took just under 10 minutes, start to finish. If you’re Catholic, it’s would be a nice Friday in Lent dish.  I suggest using the fresh stuff from your store’s fish guy and not the frozen, individually wrapped tilapia.  The frozen stuff is usually very thin and it might break apart when cooking.  It’s worth the extra $!

Next week’s menu is short due to our vacation. Planning was easy thanks to the three of you who left comments last week with your favorite dish!  I love dishes that make a lot for leftovers!

Monday:  Homemade Meatballs (frozen, leftover),  pasta and sauce.

Tuesday: Chicken Tomatillo Enchiladas courtesy of Jenn

Wednesday: Slow Pot Cooker Chicken with Apples, Rosemary and Onions (See Comments) courtesy of Amanda.

Thursday: Grilled Lemon Herbed Pork Chops courtesy of Alison, Grilled veggie Kabobs

Friday: Leftovers

Friday Foodstuff Question: Starbucks is now serving the ridiculously delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte’s which means Fall has arrived (even it is still hot as balls here).  What’s food makes you think of Fall?

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