Friday, October 22, 2010

A Friday Food Stuff Final Hoo-rah

Weight Watchers starts on Wednesday. That could make Friday Foodstuffs less interesting.  I've had such a good time cooking all sorts of new stuff.  I feel challenged to find new, yummy and creative items since I'm menu sharing online. Unfortunately, yummy and creative usually requires butter and cream.  Not really weight loss friendly.  Sigh. 

I didn't post a menu last week since I had a fabulous guest blogger but there is one recipe I made that is a must try.  The Baked Potato Soup from Our Best Bites was ridiculously good.  It makes a TON so it's great for a big family or company.  I added a few dashes or sriracha for a kick but I'd add sriracha to ice cream so take that suggestion with a grain of salt. Thanks to The Double Dipped Life for the suggestion.

Here's what my menu looks like for the week.

Friday: Green Chicken Soup  & Quesadillas
Saturday: Butternut Cassoulet with Bacon and Roasted Garlic
Sunday: Teriyaki Steak Salad, Snow Peas Medley
Monday: Baked spinach and turkey sausage penne No recipe. I’m sort of making this up as I go
Tuesday: Leftover Kalua Pork (frozen from two weeks ago), Roasted cauliflower
Wednesday: Blueberry Pancakes, Fruit, bacon

Also making Buried With Children's Pumpkin Nutella Cupcakes.  A last junk food hoo-rah if you will.

Anyone have any low point Weight Watcher recipes?  I'm gonna miss cheese....
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