Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obligitory Kid at Pumpkin Patch Photos

When I finally had free time to do my Wordless Wednesday post Blogger’s photo uploader was down for maintenance. It’s hard to do a Wordless Wednesday post if you don’t have pictures!! So I present to you: Semi-Wordless Thursday!

Everyone is posting their “It’s fall so look at my cute kid at a pumpkin patch” pictures and by God I want to get in on the fun.  Except these are from a farm that happened to sell pumpkins, not a real pumpkin patch.  Apparently pumpkins don’t grow well here. Plus it felt more like summer than fall. But there was a corn maze!  And hayrides!  That’s close enough!  As you can see from the pictures, Max wasn’t arguing semantics.  He just enjoyed his surroundings.

At first he was a little scared

But quickly realized pumpkins are awesome

As are hayrides

and Nana's

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