Monday, May 30, 2011

My not so triumphant return to blogging!

There are plenty of good reasons for my disappearance from the blogosphere.  Hubby is done with his Master’s program so we have more time to hang out.  Work is insane and I’m too drained to write a complete sentence at the end of the day.  I’m a little lazy.  I’m still training for a half marathon and my distances are getting longer and more time consuming. Max is now mobile and requires much more work simply to keep him injury free. (seriously dude, stop chewing on cords!).  I was burned out from trying to “keep up with the Jones’s of the blogging world”. And yadda and yadda and yadda.

I could go on explaining myself for multiple paragraphs but I realize that no one probably cares why I stopped.  But there have been multiple inquiries from friends and family as to when I plan to start writing again.  So I thought about it and to be honest, I miss writing. I miss connecting with other people trying to survive this crazy ride we call parenthood. I miss getting my thoughts out into the universe where other people can choose to agree, disagree, ignore, pick a fight or cheer me on.

So I’m blogging again but this time I’m not going to get wrapped up in outside factors.  I’m not going to worry about comments and commenting but instead focus on the important thing- creating a place where I go back and revisit memories of Max growing up once he’s not so little anymore. Maybe one day too he can look at this blog and see how much his Mama has loved him since day one.

And I leave you with this video, taken a few weeks ago.

See.  I have my hands full!
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Vanessa said...

We all know you've got your hands full. I totally admire you for taking on a half marathon at this time in your life. That takes a lot of dedication!

Unknown said...

I love it when everyone shares little moments like this - yesterday I was sitting with my 3 year old reminiscing about what she was like as a baby. How she used to make the most amazing noises, faces and feeling rush through my heart.

Welcome Back.

Rebecca said...
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Auntie Lala said...

I watched the video and started tearing up b/c I haven't met the little dude yet...and you're so skinny!! I'm so proud of you!!

Mommy Boots said...

Welcome Back!

Jenny said...

Yay! You're back!

Max's hat...insanely cute.

Booyah's Momma said...

Welcome back, Laura!

And I think you've got the right idea. Trying to keep up with the Joneses of the blogging world is exhausting. Do it for yourself, and for your adorable little guy. We'll be reading when you do!

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