Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Embracing My Lovely Lady Lumps*

I'm hippy.  

Not a hippie (the smell of patcholi makes me sick) but rather hippy.  

As in, I have hips. Not just hips but curves. Lots of them.  Yes, I also have extra pounds creating those curves but even if I lost 100 lbs, I would never be some stick thin supermodel.  It's not in my blood.  If you look at the women on both sides of my family, you see that even those who could classified as thin still rock big boobs, a small waist and big hips.  We are a breed of curvy ladies with bodies designed for birthin' babies.  I have several thousand cousins.  We breed frequently. 

Even as I continue to lose weight, I keep a realistic body image.  I've struggled with it for years, but I finally accept and grown to love the fact that nothing about me will ever be flat. At a healthy weight I will still have round corners and wide hips.  That's ok.  

As a teenager and young adult, I had issues with my curves, especially my hips.  But as a mother, I'm really starting to embrace them. 

It's those wide hips that allowed me to have a 10lb 4 oz baby naturally. I try to look at stomach pooch not as a result of too many Oreos but rather as a beautiful war wound from a happy pregnancy.  

Today I appreciated my hips as they helped me balance a fussy, dirty baby, 4 bags and an iced latte into the Target bathroom.  Max perched securely on one hip while I fumbled with the changing table.   After the changing I used my hips to close the table back up, open the bathroom door and push a cart that was blocking the exit. Now that I seem to constantly have my hands full, my hips are working overtime to help me get through thte day. 

While I still, and may always have body issues, motherhood has helped me embrace my body and see that it's truly amazing.  Especially those hips.

*Sorry for the terrible Black Eyed Peas inspired title.  That damn song kept running through my head as I wrote this.
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Jen said...

I need to stand and clap!

More woman need to come to this realization.

Cecelia Winesap said...

Isn't it great that after you have a baby you realize just why those curves are there? :) They're not a curse after all.

Anonymous said...

Girl you are preaching to the choir. Even though I'm a skinny girl I am rocking the hips. Momma's got some curves. My younger sister (when she was a know it all teenager) once said to me, You'd be so thin if it weren't for your wide hips. Ya...thanks sis. She's keeping her mouth shut now that she is grown with two kids.

Jenn said...

Amen sister! The sooner we learn to use what God gave us instead of hating it, the better off we'll be. When I went shopping with a friend for her wedding dress and she tried on a size 0 and asked if it came in petite, I wanted to die. But at some point, I looked at my wrists, which have not an ounce of fat on them, and realized, yeah, not gonna happen. I'm not a petite girl. I might even be big-boned. I too have some poundage to lose, but my Italian family is all hips and boobs.

I loved this entry!

Unknown said...

Loved this post. The sooner we learn to accept what we have the better off we are. :)

Dani G said...

So fabulous! I'm hippie, not hippy, but I have sad little saggy boobs that allowed me to nurse a baby for 18 months!!

tulpen said...

Before kids, I WAS that stick figure.

Now? After gaining 70lbs TWICE and birthing a 9.9lbs baby naturally (holla!!), I've got round curvy goodness all over the place!!

I'm eating better and exercising, but my goal weight is 20lbs above my pre-baby stick figureness.

And? My husband likes big butts. He says so. Yay me!

Mayra said...

I love how you wrote this.

Becoming a mom does help you (at first kinda dislike) accept your body.

I have the issue of being tiny with probably an 18 year old's body. I am a mother though and I've learned that appearance is nothing when you have everything. (the loves of your life, kiddos =)

Mrs. C @ Tosots said...

Stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! =)

Heather @ Domestic Disaster said...

I totally feel the same way! While I don't really care for my hips and gut after two pregnancies they've leiden quite practical for balancing kiddos and stuff simultaneously. Right on, sister! (apologies for taking so long to read this post.(

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