Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Writer's Workshop

Before I was a mom.....

I took for granted getting more than 4 hours of sleep in a row

I didn't have the number for the local Chinese restaurant memorized

I drove a red convertible every day, not just when I was running an errand alone

I never thought twice about accepting an invitation to a night out with friends

I didn't know the wonders of Dreft stain removal spray

I carried a small purse

I lingered in the shower

My hair was always brushed

I only did laundry once a week

I couldn't type, eat or clean one handed

I usually said yes to a second margarita

I didn't know the words to "Rubber Ducky"

I was fully dressed before before Noon on the weekdays

I wasn't constantly recharging AA and D batteries

I didn't realize that my Mom was always right

I didn't obsess about the color of someone's poop

I wasn't responsible for someones survival (although my husband might disagree)

I only required one cup of coffee for survival

I wore a hair tie around my wrist for emergency ponytails, not to tell me which side to nurse on next

I wasn't aware that a high chair at a restaurant could be flipped over to accommodate a car seat

I didn't have sympathy for the parent of a crying child in public spaces

I didn't know my touch could calm a crying baby

I didn't know the joy of a crooked smile

I sweated the small stuff

I didn't know the words "My Family" could fill me with warm fuzzies

I didn't know my heart could be so filled with love I thought it would explode

I wasn't nearly as happy as I am today

I didn't know the love of two people could produce someone so unbelievably perfect

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Cheryl said...

Aww..what a sweet baby! And I totally agree with the sympathy for moms with crying babies. Don't you smile at that them now? Sometimes I'll even say, "been there, hang in there."

VandyJ said...

Oh the things a mother can do one handed. and I never knew how concerned I'd be about the bathroom habits of another person.

Kathy G said...

Great first time post, multitasking definitely goes to a new level...the mommy level

Anonymous said...

This was the sweetest post, Laura. I'm not gonna lie, it made me laugh, it made me tear up, it pretty much made me run the whoel emotion spectrum...except anger =)

blakley said...

very sweet post! and so true about them all!

Liz said...

what a great post! there are so many things on this list that didn't even cross my mind, but you are SO right!! And...GO HAWKS!

Stephanie said...

So true! Motherhood changes everything, doesn't it? In beautiful, magical ways. :)

KatBouska said...

Awww...nodding my head through your list...poop and all. Who knew!?!

teresa said...

this made me cry!!!!

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