Monday, July 19, 2010

Pity Party

Pardon me while I throw myself a little pity party.  It's been a bad day.

Max is teething. At least, we think so.  There is drool everywhere.  He is chomping on everything and he's fussy as all get out. And on top of it, he's been fighting a cold for 2 weeks (thankyouverymuch day care) and is constantly leaking snot from his nose. (yummy).  Oh and he's gassy.  Today has been hell.  He spent the day screaming as if tortured and nothing would calm him. The only thing that somewhat worked apparently, according to the internets, is horrible and turns your baby blue. The internets say I'm a terrible mom for using it.  I wish I would have looked that up before I put it on his gums. 

I felt terrible for the poor guy. He's just a baby and all he knows is that he's uncomfortable. I tried to give him extra cuddles and kisses throughout the day but after being barraged with screams my patience eventually wore thin.  In his screams I started to hear "YOU SUCK AS A PARENT!".  I was kinda hoping that sort sentiment would have waited until at least his tween years.

While dealing with screams I spent the day waiting for the Comcast tech to come out and fix our spotty internet.  He/She was supposed to be out by 11 AM. Around 1PM I gave up hope and went grocery shopping. Watch them show up tomorrow, while I'm at work. Coincidentally, 2 other people were complaining about Comcast today on Facebook.  I found some relief that Comcast screws over everyone and it wasn't a personal slight against my family.

I also spent the day trying to schedule a Termnix appointment for the earwig infestation that somehow occurred while we were out of town.  Again, more terrible customer service. It took 3 attempts just to get someone on the phone only to be told the "local branch" would need to call me back. I thought I called the mf-ing local branch?!  When I didn't get a call back by 5, I called again only to be cut off mid phone call.  God help the first person I talk to tomorrow because I have zero patience. I'll be switching providers once my contract is up.

Oh and our cat peed on our bed, including our "dry clean only" down comforter.  Anyone want a free evil cat? She's the perfect gift for that super villain in your life that needs a furry sidekick. 

Finally in a serious concern, and the catalyst for the whole gloomy mood, my Grandmother (not the one in previous posts) is dying.  In the course of the day she went from having weeks, to months, to hours.  I don't want to get too into it, but please keep my family, especially my Dad and his siblings in your thoughts.

So, that's my pity party. It's a bad night to be out of comfort juice wine.


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Sounds to me like Max is going through his (if I'm calculating right) 4 month growth spurt. 4 months is one of the big milestones as far as growth spurts go and it makes them into demon children for a few days. I just went through the same thing with Mason last week. NOT fun!

Cecelia Winesap said...

Ugh. I hate those days. It'll get better, hang in there! :)

Katie Clarkson said...

You don't suck as a parent.

Lex is going through his 4 month growth spurt and it't hell. Normally he's a pretty cool and relaxed kid. I don't know who dropped this child off on my door step cause he's been so out of character the past few days. Drool, inconsolable crying/screaming, off his sleep pattern... he literally made himself sick yesterday crying. What are you supposed to do? Push through I guess. I'm sorry you've had such a hard time with customer service, you sure don't need added stress right now.

Dani G said...

I sure hope your today was better than your yesterday!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

I'm so sorry! I fully understand, LJ has a totally swollen little mouth and we are all totally wiped from our trip. I hope things get better and know that this too shall pass (easier said than done).

I hope things are ok for your grandmother! You are all in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Those days are trying days/nights for's hard to know what to do when you hate hearing your child cry. Hopefully it gets better soon!

And sorry to hear about your grandmother--sending prayers your way (and your family's way).

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