Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Food Stuffs: Looking for Crock Pot ideas

Despite having a short week we are buried in delicious leftovers! The Tomatillo Enchiladas and the Slow Cooker Chicken with Onions, Apples and Rosemary made enough to feed a large family!  The crock pot chicken used to stuff the enchiladas was ridiculously simple and I’ll be using that again for various dishes!  Also, I didn’t make the tomatillo salsa for the enchiladas because tomatillos were ridiculously pricey. Instead I just used the Herdez Salsa Verde and the substitute was fine.  I will try it in the future as it looked too yummy to pass up!

And the pork chops?  So simple but amazingly flavorful.  

Thanks to everyone who commented on their fall favorites.  I finally got my Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday morning. Oh and my most favorite beverage ever, the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is back!  They didn’t have it last year which was pretty much devastating to my then-pregnant self, so I plan to get my fill now.

Haven’t had it?


Trust me.

It’s ridiculously addictive and your wallet and waistline will be begging for mercy by Spring.

There is no rhyme or reason to this week’s menu.  Some of the meals are based on the random foods in the fridge approaching their due date.  The chili is to celebrate the start of football season (GO BEARS!!!!).  The Nachos are because Cinco de Nachos occurred while in Asheville and we need to get our Nacho Fix. Everything else just looked good when I went exploring at my favorite foodie sites.

Friday:  Out
Saturday:  Pizza Margharita(ish), Salads
Sunday:  Sunday Steaks: Brett’s Famous in Our House Chili Made with Steak (to celebrate the start of football season!)
Monday: Buffalo Salmon, Brussels Sprout, Blue Cheese and Glazed Pecan Salad
Tuesday: Nachos
Wednesday: Chicago Chicken, Curried Sweet potato fries
Thursday: Shell Pasta with Sausage and Greens

Friday Foodstuffs Question:  I used my crock pot twice this past week.  I was so excited to get one as a wedding gift but now I rarely use it.  Breaking it out this week reminded me that crock pot dinners are simple and convenient so I want to start using mine more often.  What’s your favorite crock pot/slower cooker recipe?  Can you recommend a website or cookbook based around crock pot recipes?

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