Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writer's Workshop: My Own Biltmore?

Everyone says that all they need is their family and a small shelter and they’ll be happy.  I feel the same way. Our modest little house is all we need. It’s filled with creature comforts and lots of love.

But.  I’ll be honest.  I like to dream.  I like to dream of a big house filled with nice things. During our tour of the ridiculously large Biltmore estate Brett and I laughed at the opulence of the 250 room mega-mansion.

Every few minutes during the tour the following conversation would occur:

Brett “You know what our next house needs?”
Me: “What?”
Brett: “A Pipe Organ in the dining room”.

We walk to the next room.

Me:  “You know what our next house needs?”
Brett: “What?”
Me: “A game room with Napoleon’s Chess Set”.

We also joked that our next house should have a breakfast room with 16th century wall tapestries, a library that contains 10,000 books and a bowling alley.

 While we don’t want or need any of those things (though a bowling alley would kind of rock) it got me thinking about what kind our house we would build if we had Vanderbilt-style money.  What would we buy if we were ostentatious millionaires?  What would be our dream home?

While I can’t speak for Brett, here are few things I would want.

-A GIGANTIC eat-in kitchen with multiple ovens, a deep freezer and enough counter space to leave out all our appliances.
-A screened in, second floor porch complete with hammock.
-A three car garage so we could actually park both cars in the garage and give Brett space to work on his motorcycle.
-A basement playroom for Max with an air hockey table
-A master bathroom with an oversized claw foot tub that would submerge me to the neck.
-A large backyard deck with a hot tub.
-A mud room where we would enter the house and not have to track dirt all over the place.
-A large living room with comfy couches perfect for a movie night or game night with friends.

Looking at the above list I realized it’s not that ostentatious. They are elements that would make for a fancy pants house, for sure, but I really don’t need gold faucets, a trampoline room, lion statues at the front entrance, or grand dining room with a table seating 33.  I can’t even dream that big.

There is, however, one thing that would turn even our modest home into my absolute dream house.
A full time cleaning and laundry staff.

That my friends, is dreaming big.

PS:  This post was inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop but Blogger is being an ass and won't display the button properly. Is anyone else having Blogger issues when formatting?  I think a move to WordPress might be in my future!

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